NFT Marketplace Overview: OpenSea

NFT Marketplaces are essential components of the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem. They are used to mint NFTs such as art, music, literature, movies, gaming assets, title deeds, and so on. Most NFT Marketplaces will mint any item that can be...

Terra LUNA 99% Crash: How Did It All Go Wrong?

In recent times, the crypto space has been beset by a myriad of challenges, particularly the decline in the value of cryptocurrencies. The market has been unstable since the third quarter of 2021, after an impressive bull run, with...

Crypto Regulation Around The World: USA

In recent years, cryptocurrency regulation has been a hot topic. The world has evolved from countries disregarding the existence of cryptocurrencies and not regulating their usage to countries actively developing crypto legislation. Different countries regularly issue regulations governing the...

An Overview of Synthetix (SNX) Protocol

As the crypto space expands, new types of assets emerge, such as synthetic or derivative assets. The value of this type of crypto asset is derived from the underlying cryptocurrency or other assets that it represents. Due to the...

An Overview of the Types of Cryptocurrencies

As the crypto field evolves, new use cases emerge daily. Some coins are intended to serve as the key to an NFT project. In some circumstances, possessing a utility token grants the holder access to the functionalities offered by...

Crypto Regulation Around the World: UK

Crypto adoption in the United Kingdom has skyrocketed in recent years. Regulations governing the use of cryptocurrency and the organizations that provide these services have become more stringent. The rules governing crypto advertisements in the United Kingdom have also...

Goracle: Decentralized Sports Betting

GUEST POST BY GORACLE   Could Algorand be the future home of decentralized betting thanks to Algoracle?  Internet sportsbooks have long dominated the online betting business. They determine the odds, collect bets from gamblers, and compensate winners. However, the...

An Overview of Crypto Social Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the use cases for cryptocurrencies. Some users may prefer to hold their tokens with the expectation that they will increase in value. Users that fall into this category are called holders. Another subset includes...

Crypto Regulation Around The World: EU

The crypto space has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, capturing the attention of several governments. A once-unnoticed industry is now brimming with diverse regulations and policies to guide the operations of crypto exchanges, blockchain platforms, crypto enthusiasts, and...

An Overview of the Cosmos Ecosystem

There are numerous blockchains in the blockchain space, each with its own set of features. Some are designed specifically to solve the blockchain trilemma, particularly the scalability challenges that older chains such as Ethereum are confronting. Some networks were...

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